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Education Technology


“There’s a lot of amazing work going on, but teachers need more support to understand what’s out there, what works, and how to use it”  Bill Gates. The 21st century is that of a modern world. It is believed to be the century of scientific and technological revolutions; thus, it is obvious that we live in a state-of-the-art surrounding when practical techniques are non-stop gathering momentum. Therefore, this new technologies are implied in every single part of our lives, including education.

Nowadays the students are considered “Digital Natives” since the have been born and raised in a digital environment; some of the benefits of incorporating technology to classes are listed below:

• Easy-to –access course materials: it means that students can study when and where they prefer.

• Student motivation: technologies seem to be more interesting for teenagers than normal books, so their attitude is much better.

James Kulik investigator for the University of New Delhi: “Students usually learn more in less time when receiving computer-based instruction and they like classes more and develop more positive attitudes”higher-education-technology

• More opportunities for extended learning: online it can be found a wide range of resources that can be really useful for their education.

• Wide participation: the audience is wider and it can be used for long distance learning.

• Improved student writing: it is convenient that students work on word processor in order to edit and prepare their writings, so that they can improve the quality of their writing.

• Differentiated instruction: it can also be a way to promote the development of personalized learning plans with the use of multimedia components.

Some of the most commonly used tools of the “Educational Technology are:

• Computers and the Internet: of course computers give teachers the opportunity to create striking and interactive lesson resources; and Internet offers a wealth resources from e-books and historical archives.

• Interactive white boards: this is an interactive device that interfaces with a computer and it can help teachers to show to the class a demonstration of the issue and to participate accordingly.

• Document camera: is an actively engaging tool for classrooms which displays resources like math problems, maps or make three dimensional objects.

• Student response systems: SRS or clicker, is a technology which allows the teacher to send questions and feedbacks simultaneously. In addition it can be helpful for people with special needs or disabled.

Carolyn April, director, industry analysis, CompTIA.” With emerging technologies such
as tablets and netbooks, interactive whiteboards and wireless solutions gaining
ground in the classroom, the reliance on IT by the education market will only
grow in the years ahead.”


I invite you all to check these new devices and try if they can be you useful for you too.


• Milton Chen (senior fellow and executive director emeritus of the George Lucas Educational Foundation and author of Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in Our Schools). On March 9th, 2011: “We all need to band together and advocate “for a very different kind of school, dramatically different from the schools we all attended and from the schools envisioned in most ‘school reform”. Portical.
• Tamara I. Devitt (Fisher & Phillips LLP). On October 18th, 2010: “The lines between educational and personal networking are becoming more and more blurred”.  EducationWorld.
• Richard Taylor (expert in the integration of techonology). On October 8th, 2009: “The level of technology used should be in direct association with the level of learning taking place.  Technology does not guarantee learning it only provides a tool by which students may learn”. Allexperts.
• Ted Nellen (educational technology innovator ). On November 20th, 2000: ” We have rooms filled with textbooks that are notoriously flawed and loaded with incorrect information. We have books in our school libraries that contain hate speech, show how to make bombs, and include pornography. We have magazines and newspapers, some of which contain the same kinds of questionable material. Yet only the Internet is suspect”. New York Post (extracted by EducationWorld).
• Ana María Raad (expert in Social Communication and Magister in Anthropology and Social Development). On September 24th, 2013: “Se requiere de redes de intercambio que potencien un ecosistema de innovación en educación dinámico, que permitan el aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida.” Fundación Chile/ Centro de Innovación).ómo-la-innovación-se-toma-la-escuela-hoy-la-mayoría-de-niños-y-niñas-que-asisten-a-las-escuelas,-enfrentarán-en-menos-de-una-década-y-media-un-entorno-más-desafiante-y-complejo-que-requerirá-de-personas-con-habilidades-que-puedan-solucionar-prob.html


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    An interesting post and really useful

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