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Unemployment in Spain

Spain is the second country behind Greece, with more unemployment in the EU and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Unemployment is a problem that occurs in all countries but the extent of unemployment in Spain is particularly high. In Spain, we have an unemployment rate of 26.7% (4,811,383 unemployed) while for example in Italy have an unemployment rate of 12.5%, Portugal 15.7%, France 10.9% and in Germany only 5.2%.


Unemployment in Spain began in 2008 with 2,129,547 unemployed and ended with 3,128,963, representing an annual increase of 999,416 people. This year was particularly hard mainly due to the economic crisis that struck the country and caused practically a million people lost their jobs. The worst month of the year was in October with + 192,658 unemployed.

Spain Financial Crisis

From 2008 to 2013, unemployment has risen from approximately 3,128,963 to 4,811,383, ie 1,682,420 unemployed. A chilling fact that cause worries to all Spanish and every time gets worse.

Pío Moa Banga, cites several consequences of unemployment that qualifies as harmful to both, the unemployed and the population.

PO M~1

  1. The most evident consequence of unemployment is declining incomes of the families affected. A situation of financial difficulty that often goes with it a deterioration of family life and self-esteem of the individual.(Pío Moa Banga, Reflexiones de un ochental)
  2. Criminality. Some people, especially young people in marginal environments, can be pushed to look outside the law, the revenues accruing to them that they can not find employment in the labor market. We talked about activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, crime …(Pío Moa Banga, Reflexiones de un ochental)
  3. Lack of motivation in education.Many college-age youth are wary that their studies are to serve them for something tomorrow. In fact, it is known that a good portion of university graduates end up working in jobs lower than their educational qualifications, or even tasks that have nothing to do with what they studied.(Pío Moa Banga, Reflexiones de un ochental)
  4. Delay in the age of youth emancipation. The lack of work is for young people the impossibility of leave home, thus delaying their future life plans as they can be independent, get married and start a family.(Pío Moa Banga, Reflexiones de un ochental)

In Spain, with youth unemployment over 50%, it is not surprising that 2 of every 3 young people have to emigrate. Our young people are forced to build a future away.(Contraeconomy, Dos de cada tres jóvenes españoles emigra)

According to the “Report on the State of the Spanish Labor Market” by the job portal InfoJobs, “two out of three Spanish youths seeking employment abroad and one in two is willing to work outside Europe.” He adds that 65% try to find job opportunities mainly in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

A forced migration extremely counterproductive for the country. Spain is experiencing a “brain drain” and they are leaving many well-qualified people.(Contraeconomy, Dos de cada tres jóvenes españoles emigra)




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