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Our society and our image

The beauty and youth today are important values. Appearance is more valued than the person. We have lost the respect and value about the experience that old people have.
We can see this reflected in the number of surgeries that people do to look younger and feel so good about themselves. Besides this there are thousands of rejuvenating treatments and consumption is increasing.
Nowadays , the body care, the number of personal trainers is raising, to have an image of success is one of the main things that worried us.
In our society most values the first impression that it really is the person itself . Old age is frowned upon and, despite having good look sometimes, you can not find a job and less if you are female, because you have not the appearance that they are looking for.


It was always teached us to do well to others. It is considered that as you give, you also receive. So if you make things in a good way to help and to be nice, good things will happen to you because of karma .

Moreover, from the religious point of view, doing good deeds is something that you should do and, God rewards it once you have died .

On the other hand, sometimes we behave and do favors for others as well as being ungrateful, when you need to return the favor, they do not help you. Therefore, this second view does not consider that good deeds you do may be rewarded somehow.

But like anything that includes beliefs, this issue leads to a great debate.


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