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Philippiness, the struggle of a country

The 10 november of 2013 was a horrifying date to all filipinos, it was the tragic day that a typhoon named haiyan (here known as Yolanda) destroyed everything they have. The estimated number of deads are 10.000 and over 10 million people were severaly affected, without any food or drink to survive.

Hopefully, govermentstyphoon-haiyan-aftermath-philippines all over the world and world organizations had been helping since the typhoon ocurred donating nearly $200 million, as well as, basic necessities and medical aid. The nearest countries help has been vital for Philippines:

  • The U.S. Goverment’s aid has been of $37 million, they have also send soldiers for help and an aircraft to transport people from the catastrophe and to transport food and drinks.
  • A freight company in New Zealand has give help by giving a ship for transport, but thanks of the help of New Zealanders they even need more containers, so the goverment has asked to donate money instead of food and clothes.
  • China has territorial disputes with Philippines so their relation isn’t very good so the help from them has been late according to other goverments, however, he is sending a military hospital ship called the Peace Ark, the first 10.000 ton class hospital ship in the world with 20 ICU ward beds, 109 ward beds for serious injuries, 67 burn ward beds, 94 regular ward beds and 10 beds of quarantine ward.
  • Japan, in addition to $30 million in financial help, has sent his own maritime and air self-defense military to help Philippines. This has been for Japan his largest military overseas relief operation. Not only this, Japan has collaborate and join forces with the U.S. and China making a better relation with the U.S. and Philippines. As a curiosity, Japan has been giving help near the area he suffered a naval defeat in World War II and it was this war that made Japan lost his presence in the Philippines.



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