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Rorschach test

The Rorschach Test, is an inkblot test used in Psychology in order to know the personality of a person; showing the pacients some abstract designs, a personality analysis can be made. However, not all specialist use this method.


First of all, this test was named after his creator, the psychologist Hermann Rorschach, whose love for the art became useful when he created some designs by the method of making inkblots that have a bilateral symmetry just for fun. Nevertheless, he started to show some of this design to his patients and so, he started receiving different kind of answers. With this, he found out that some of them focused on one part and others in another parts, so he developed some answer sheets to know what kind of response a patient has and how they interpreted those images.


Even if this was a very controversial theme, because the results of this test are not exact (even Rorschach himself has doubt about his effectiviness), the use of this method, has survive until now; the test is still used by some psycologist and also just for fun.

Here are some web pages that give us the opportunity to make this test online, just try to have some fun:

As a curiosity, an inkblot appears in one of the flims of Woody Allen called “Take the money and run” and also, Rorschach is also the name of one character of the comic Watchmen, which became a movie in 2009


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