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Should we stay quite? ErasmusRip

Erasmus problems have been a main issue in Spain in November 2013. The Education Minister Jose Ignazio Wert wanted to abolish the Erasmus Grants,despite being in the middle of the semester, just because of the supposed lack of money saying the following:”40,000 to 20,000. Such is the reduction in the number of Erasmus students provided by the Ministry of Education for the next academic year. But, as it did with the controversy of last week, the department led by José Ignacio Wert has taken today again, balls out, blaming Brussels for all evils. ” In addition,evidences seem to suggest that every student in the whole world has complaint about this new. Readers can find discussions mainly on Twitter and in Facebook. In fact, thanks to the last one, every reader was shown how works the Spanish goverment. Would someone like to live in this country staying quiet? Make your own decision.

Firstly,, The UE has answered Wert´s  declarations saying the following: “The European Union has given a ‘slap on the wrist’ the Minister of Education to deny his announcement that next year will be cut  Erasmus grants. Brussels has received a bad grade this attempt to José Ignacio Wert by throwing balls out before the change is made in the Community program, and said that in no case will hurt Spain, but eventually it will get more money . Such is the dissatisfaction with Wert that even from the EU have qualified his statement of “junk”.”

Secondly,  The Prime Minister , Mariano Rajoy , has on Tuesday its ” full and complete support” to the Minister of Education, José Ignacio Wert: “After the controversy with the European Commission about scholarships Erasmus , the head of the Spanish has been attributed to a “misunderstanding ” .Adding the following: “A minister who is working to change our educational model in Spain , is making a political extraordinarily brave and has the full support of the party that supports the Government ” has settled Cospedal told reporters in Brussels, where it participates in the Political Assembly of the European People’s Party ( EPP) .” For example we have here an example on twitter.

However, apart from the problems caused in Brussels, there was also a displeasure on teenage people. The disscusion took place mainly in twitter. I want to share with all of you some pieces of information related to this topic with the hastag #ErasmusRip. For example, the girl from this tweet was making a review, including the following picture.

Finally, after all disscussions The Prime Minister has said the following: “It is absolutely false that neither the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Jose Ignacio Wert, or any authority of the Ministry have said at any time that they wanted to cut the Erasmus grants.

So after all this, What could teenage people do? Should we stay quite?

Come on and take your own decision.


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