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This is Erasmus (rubbish)

The European Commission has dismissed Tuesday from ” completely false ” the announcement of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the EU could halve heading for Spain Erasmus funds in the period between 2014-2020 and has blamed the Spanish Government any possible cut in the number of university students who has benefited from this exchange program . In fact , the European budget for Erasmus in Spain will increase more than 4% in 2014 and 60% by 2020 , according to Education spokesman said Dennis Abbott, at a press conference . ” The statement by the Spanish minister suggesting that the Erasmus budget will be cut and the number of Erasmus students in Spain are halved by new criteria for EU funding is completely false ,”In addition he said:”The announcement has completely caught us by surprise ,”. The EU executive , as explained, had already announced in October to Spain the amount due by Erasmus in 2014. When he insisted as announced by Wert , Abbott did not hesitate to declare, ” I do not know how to say this more diplomatically That argument is RUBBISH” Dennis Abbott.

Firstly, the minister Jose Ignacio Wert said the other day that Brussels would change the criteria in the allocation of funds for scholarships Erasmus mobility , reducing by half the money it receives Spain for this program. From now funds will be allocated based on the population of each country and not the number of university students.

Secondly, the education spokesman of the European Commission does not know ” where that idea comes from.” The European Commission has categorically denied that the European Union will reduce ” half ” Erasmus grants to Spain , published Monday as the media after the information provided by the Ministry of Education, and Minister Jose Ignacio Wert , now that it announced a cut in the EU, and has been responsible for cataloging as a journalistic misunderstanding  .

Moreover, a misunderstanding have also attributed the Prime Minister , Mariano Rajoy , who has given his ” full and complete support” to the minister and general secretary of the PP , María Dolores de Cospedal – Wert has moved to “all the Popular support ” Party – .However, the PSOE, through its secretary of Oscar Lopez, Rajoy has asked to dismiss “immediately” to the Minister of Education , after the ” reproach ” of the European Commission.” Rubbish ” … or ” nonsense ”

Indeed, the Commission denies that changes in the distribution of funds will cause a shift in the number of scholarships and remember that the overall budget for the period 2014-2020 will increase by 40 %. The new allocation criteria , explained that afternoon the European Commission will take into account the population of each country, as stated by the Ministry, but also tend to reward the institutions that participate in the programs. Both criteria favoring Spain , being the fifth most populous country in the EU and also the country that has sent Erasmus students in past editions . “In 2014 , Spain will receive 124 million euros of the Erasmus program ; the fourth largest item , the fifth most populous country of the EU.” The change in the distribution formula was adopted by the Council in 2011.

Finally,  a spokesperson said a few  weeks ago  that “The Spanish government’s decision should have been announced to students before the start of the university year.”

See the following video


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