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The reaction to SINDE and SOPA Laws: Anonymous.

Continuing with the topic of ”Anonymous” as a new non-political and revolutionary group, I have found and interesting link about this movement: if we follow this link we can see a video, which has been uploaded by the Youtube user Alexcastaneda70, talking about how does the ”Anonymous Movement” see the Sinde and Sopa Laws in Spain. As my groupmates Xabier Palacios and Diego Marcos published in our collective blog “Anti-Downloading Laws” (and as Alex Castaneda says in his post “Mensaje Anonymous Ley SOPA y Ley Sinde (Enero 2012)” in ”Ciudadano Anonymo”), these two laws were approved by the government in 2010-2011 to make people buy the music/films that artists produce instead of watching/listening it in the Internet, making sure that those artists keep getting the 100% of the money they would may make with their original products.

Nevertheless, for Anonymous (and I would say, for everybody who enjoys music and films) the problem to be solved here is the exorbitant price you have to pay for a CD or a DVD. In fact, if the music/film producer companies are able to stablish those incredibly high prices is because of the people who still buy them.  Those companies know that no matter how much they raise the prices, people would keep buying their products, specially if they cannot obtain the CDs they want by any other means. What it is more, this new movement believes that these Anti-downloading Laws are an evident attempt against the freedom of expression that the Internet has offered since it was opened for the mass.

Anonymous seems to be a forgotten demonstrating group right now, but I am sure that, at least, some parts of their messages remain in everybody’s mind. As a personal opinion, I would like to comment that the message that this group of hackers is trying to send goes beyond than a simply recognition about downloading in Internet; as it is said in the video I have shared with you: “(…) The most complicated issue about this situation, is the interest that SOPA law’s promoters have in developing it to be difficult to understand for the common citizen.” And it is  known for everybody that rhetorical tricks such as this are commonly used in politics, so here we have found a possible question for the people who really likes this topic: is Anonymous wrong or should this movement keep on acting against some governmental decissions?

Author: Laura Jiménez Almeida

Deusto University, 2º LLMM



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