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Evictions in Spain

The crisis not only leads to unemployment, but also generates eviction. Everything is related between them. If it does not charge a salary every month, you cannot pay the mortgage or rent. Therefore, debts accumulate and you end up on the street basket-case. This is the situation of many Spanish families.

The numbers of evictions in Spain are spine-chilling. “When the bubble burst in 2008, even the most pessimistic had imagined the scene in which Spain is now: recession, more than six million unemployed and a debt in households of more than 820,000 million euros. Five years later, the magnitude of the situation is not even known. While there are no definitive numbers of evictions, the most reliable figures are those of the Registrars Association that speaks of 30,034 in 2012. An evection every 15 minutes” (Mónica Ceberio, Álvaro de Cózar, El País, en la Calle,2013)

Due to the economic crisis, many people have come to the point of suicide for not having enough money to pay the mortgage of the house. “Evicted or unemployed, bankrupt businessman who removed the life, unemployed dumps in a psychiatric consultation…people who want to emigrate because it cannot live here.  The Spanish crisis related emotional problems increase and exacerbate the incidence of mental illness and desperate solutions…” (Blog de Sociología y Actualidad,, El suicidio, primera causa de muerte en España, y sus causantes: desahucios, desempleo y pobreza”).


According to Eures, the network created by the European Commission, while these are no official figures, and many of these cases are covered up as accidents, the case is that there is a daily death, result of economic insecurity. The General Council of the Judiciary announced that in the first quarter of 2013, 19,468 evictions were executed, so 216 per day.

In this dramatic situation, they have been proposed many changes for various platforms in defense of evictions to modify the articles related to the foreciosure process.A platform that has managed to paralyze and relocate numerous evictions is the Platform affected by the mortgage (on the bubble to the right to housing) PAH. The platform was created in 2009,  to help all families that are unable to pay the mortgage or rent. In its officialwebsite:,it named campaigns that have launched and among them, the Stopdesahucios where are announced the number of evictions that were executed during the month.
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