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Legend and nature: a magical alliance.

If you are thinking about a short holiday after having passed your exams, there exist a little  hidden spot in Gernika, near Amorebieta and Santimamiñe. Actually, today my article is focused on the description of the Oma Forest done by Alfredo Merino, also called “The Painted Forest” by the people who usually visits it. Well, as we can see, almost every tree in the greenwod has some pictures covering its trunk with bright colours, and precisely this has been the origin of some disputes between the people who approves this kind of art and the people who condemns it.

Once you are on your way across the forest you can only see the different flora and fauna which in that pine wood. But, suddenly, you discover a yellow diamond painted in one of the trees and so as not to miss a trick, you keep walking on that direction. Furthermore, a few metres forwards another strange thing surprises you, as you have found two pines with a big mouth in its trunks:

ImageThis singular picture is known as “Invitación al beso” in the Oma Forest.

Nevertheless, this naturalist experience does not ends here, because then, in a kind of clearing near the yellow diamond there are a lot of trees that depending on your physical point of view create a rainbow with all its colours. And if you continue walking a few minutes you will have the oportunity to see the curious image of some pines with eyes all over its bark.

All in all, the only thing left is to think wether we approve or not this kind of art in the middle of a natural space… but I have to say that we should see it before we make a decission. I am already planning an excursion to the Oma Forest!

Image The Oma Forest



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