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Nowadays, because the birth rate has decreased, there are fewer young people. We were born in an era with a great technological revolution: internet, mobile … events that change the way of thinking and acting of people. Perhaps because of this, the way we see life and enjoy it is totally different from what our parents might have at our age.

Probably if we ask young people about the activities they like to do, their answer would be: partying, meeting up with friends, play sports, watch TV…

As we can see, there is a great contrast between the type of family who have had our parents and the relationship we have now with the family.Now, go out less because we substitute the direct relationships with communication through the mobile Internet…

In sports and meeting friends, there are no significant changes. Although people don’t practice much exercise just to be healthy, it is also to boasts and being more attractive. All this changes has happened in a very fast way.

All weekend we can see how children of thirteen or fourteen, go partying, smoke or drink … This situation is worrying because want to live as an adult when you are only a teenager, has consequences. I wonder what you think about this issue and also if the change between our parents and our generation is so strong and fast as what is happening now.

Patricia Mintegui

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