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“UNESCO: more than 775 million are illiterate people in the world

Nowadays, the education is a fundamnental tool to becaome want  The UNESCO has mentioned that “the education is a fundamental human right which promotes all other rights. Education promotes freedom and personal autonomy and generates significant benefits for development. However, millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities, in many cases because of poverty.”

All those people who has the opportunity to have an education is because they live in a industrialized country, they live in a family which have money and they have the opportunity to give their children an education. Being a person with an education is to have a very important gadget in anyone’s life because thanks to the education received can become an independent person, make your own decisions, having a paid job, be respected by others, have their own ideas. Is not that easy to achieve the goals that everyone can have when by having an education , but this training will open doors more easily, also it will allow to have an own judgment about what is going on around, and is could be easier to be critical  of what surrounds you

Furthermore, if anyone is presented with the opportunity to receive an education should not miss this opportunity because only you can make you a once in a lifetime, so it is better to have a bad education instead of having no education.

La juventud Opina Mentioned that “ We live in a world in which we must work every day to achieve a better society looks the same as expressed in a healthy coexistence, mutual respect and in which the practice of values ​​is not a fluke. To this end I agree with those who consider it essential to training of the person based on their human development, based on the principle that man is a being able to be better, to being yours and others.”

In this regard we mention that “Fernando Savater born human but we’re not actually until after , because this is not enough to be born human but mostly we have to become one , the purpose for which learning is presented as the average by which men can come to improve ourselves to each other , since there are things we can learn and deserve to be through education, filing precisely this aspect of their vital importance .”

It is thus also Velásquez Córdoba citing Guédez points out that “it is necessary to see education as a motivation to be more , rather than a motivation to have more , also implying the fact ” be ” a commitment to help also others to ” be more” . And it is also human being is the desire to share what we know and thus make us socially valid , then our existence as human beings is done and makes sense from the relationship with our neighbors , being that the reason that education should not only be seen as a training knowledge, but as a preparation for life in relationship with others .”

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the four basic learning of education presents the author Jacques Delors Report : “learning to know , acquiring mechanisms to help us understand things, learn to do, to thereby to contribute to improve our own environment , learning to live together, to thereby be able to participate and cooperate with our fellow men , and finally learning to be, in order to develop as people and human beings together with others, being this learning at the same time closely related to the previous three.”

“Actually the objectives of education can be very different depending on the approach to be granted , but we agree on the fundamental idea of training men for life in society and within that concept also are authors as well of these bodies , Lorenzo Luzuriaga and John Dewey who propose ideas in this regard.”

“Finally , we can not fail to recognize the role of teachers in education , because although their role is changing in response to the new demands of the knowledge society , there is a feature that will remain in force despite everything , I mean his inspiring role , one that maybe you dear reader, have been lucky enough to experience , as well as writer; experiences in which our Master hath given us lessons for life, which will be useful for ever, use them in things to come or to share, what constitutes an inspiration to try to be better , to be prepared to be developing our strengths and go correcting our mistakes , so that we can help ourselves and others, because as Gruarin says Juan Franco , neurosurgeon by profession, in tribute to Ruben Francisco Perino : “A master can have many students a student , not always … many Masters .””

There are some phrases of some very well-known people:

  1. Si quiere trabajadores creativos, dales tiempo suficiente para jugar“. John Cleese
  2. Un niño puede enseñar tres cosas a un adulto: a ponerse contento sin motivo, a estar siempre ocupado con algo y a saber exigir con todas sus fuerzas aquello que desea“. Paulo Coelho
  3. La enseñanza que deja huella no es la que se hace de cabeza a cabeza, sino de corazón a corazón“. Howard G. Hendricks
  4. Un maestro es una brújula que activa los imanes de la curiosidad, el conocimiento y la sabiduría en los alumnos“. Ever Garrisson
  5. En cuestiones de cultura y de saber, sólo se pierde lo que se guarda; sólo se gana lo que se da“. Antonio Machado
  6. Dime y lo olvido, enséñame y lo recuerdo, involúcrame y lo aprendo“. Benjamin Franklin
  7. La educación ayuda a la persona a aprender a ser lo que es capaz de ser“. Hesíodo
  8. El mejor medio para hacer buenos a los niños es hacerlos felices“. Oscar Wilde
  9. Lo que se les dé a los niños, los niños darán a la sociedad“. Karl A. Menninger
  10. Para viajar lejos no hay mejor nave que un libro“. Emily Dickinson.

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