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Who discovered the paralyzation of the Erasmus grants?

Germán Fernández spoke in lots of means of communication after the Education Minister Jose Ignacio Wert, announced that “The Erasmus grants will dissapear from now on”.  After showing this , almost by accident he could not belive it. “It seemed like a joke”. However after knowing that the rumors were true: “I was spoiled my stay abroad ” added German. If the grants dissapered, all the Erasmus students from Spain will have to survive with 0€ till the end of the year. So, as he claims  “I had two options, either stay at home worried , thinking what to do with the Erasmus , or mobilize colleagues to see what could be done” . And obviously that he mobilized the world doing the following:” I was in charge of mobilizing students Erasmus in Italy for November 16 had organized a protest outside the Spanish Embassy in Rome Local newspapers began to call , . . Then the Spanish and then television , foreign correspondents Awesome.”

Germán was the one who sounded the warning about changing the rules for granting aid to erasmus Ministry , which requires that the previous course were general fellows . Anyway, Wert has made clear that the ministerial order that stirred all the student protests , the opposition of the PP CCAA in Brussels and even within government itself remains in effect, and that this correction will be performed based on a extraordinary announcement by amending budgets . But next year things will continue as originally announced :”We are pleased that this year has been a breakthrough for Erasmus in Spain , but next year we will fight for a real Erasmus program” adds German.

His own problem, as he says was the following one: ” The University of Seville made ​​a mistake to charge the amount of my tuition and I made ​​a collection of nearly 200 euros more by mistake. They charged me over 700 euros instead of 500 corresponding me because, being large family payment half of tuition. As I am also of the few who has not yet received support from the European Union, I figure getting to pay – and I had not entered any of the Andalusian Government nor obviously looked to see what happened , ” recounted by Facebook after leaving class that morning.It was then communicated it to his fellow Foggia ( Spaniards are about 60 students) and confirmed that it was true. So they decided to create last Sunday night a group on Facebook , which today has over 8,900 members, to mobilize the rest of Spanish Erasmus students of this course. This group was joined on Sunday night hashtag on Twitter # ErasmusRIP that has been around in Europe and created the petition on

On the one hand, he admits that he came to think that the pressure would have no effect . ” People told me it would be useless . But although the minister had not rectified , I would have felt just as peaceful and satisfied.”German claims that they charged 80 euros each month for ten months of the Ministry will go to “save the Erasmus ” . “It may seem little but when you put together all the aid , the Government , the Board and the EU, allows you to study abroad .” Think that this curriculum is ” a unique opportunity ” to learn of stay in another country , in addition to academic training. ” You realize that you can fend for yourself .”
On the other hand, Germán disagrees with this policy , adding the following: “I know there are sacrifices , but the government will go up slightly the amount for scholarship students That after much of the program’s students run out of aid is not fair . ” .

Finally, so excited and happy for the achievement ,” This rectification is an example of the importance of the Erasmus program not only at national but European level. It has been possible thanks to the support and joint collaboration of thousands of Spanish students and of other countries. As he said in means of communication, ” I did not imagine it would be reduced to $ 0″.

See the following video:


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