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Let’s stop with the tradition of bullfighting

As Javier Pérez de Albéniz tells us in his article, this year, those people in favour of bullfighting will enjoy 2 or 3 memorable acts. The problem is that to make that happen, more than 800 bullfights will be celebrated in our country, where 4800 bulls will be tortured. Moreover, there will be over 15000 popular celebrations related to this tradition,that will lead to the death of 13000 claves and bullocks.


In the recent years there has been a lot of polemic about bullfighting and animal mistreatment, but what is bullfighting? Is it an art? A tradition? Bullfighting is the most cruel way of killing an animal. About 12,000 bulls are killed every year in the bullring. It´s not only the fact that they are killed for no reason, but it is also exposed; not mentioning the mistreatment they suffer before the final thrust. The bulls are not only harmed with the sword and the “banderillas”; they are previously drugged, they inject them some hormones so that they become more fierce and wild, which apparently makes the spectacle more interesting. In some cases, they are locked for two days in a dark place to make them become wild when they go out, which makes them suffer from mental damages as well.

At the end of each show, the bullfighter hasn´t got enough with fixing them the sword, he has to cut the bull´s ears and show them to the audience as a sample of his victory. Sometimes, the bull is still alive during this final action.


And there are still a lot of people in favour of bullfighting with the following arguments:

  • It is a tradition and we should respect it.
  • It is lidian bull so it can be sacrified.
  • By the bullfighting we can experiment triumph, failure, fear and adrenaline.

When a man kills a bull, it is called sport; when a bull kills a man, they call it ferocity.

George Bernard Shaw

The first one it´s no excuse, since we have many other traditions or extinguish habits that we fortunately don´t put into practise anymore; so why do we continue with this one if we know that we are killing animals only for pleasure and not for necessity?

The second statement could be considered as animal racism; why can some bulls be sacrified? Regarding the third one, I would recommend to practise any extreme sport, since you can experiment all those feelings without killing an innocent animal.

Here is a video uploaded by Heidi Paiva in youtube where Carlos Carlín appears.


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