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Animal testing, how much does your skin cost?

No Animal Testing

As Belen Tobalina brings up, is it ethical the suffering of animals for cosmetic testing? Every year 115 million animals were used for scientific purposes. Only in the European Unión in a year 12 million animals were used, what means that every minute 137 animals were being tested for cosmetics or other kinds of scientific research. In 2013 the European Unión forbid the experimentation with animals for cosmetics, tooth pastes, shampoos ,deodorants and more. Belen Tobalina and Cristina Fernández say that the animals that were used the most for this kind of “research” were rats, mouses, rabbits and guinea pigs. Until 2013 it was obligatory the use of animals for testing products that later would be available for human consumption, as there was no other way to prove that they were not going to cause any bad or dangerous reaction to humans. The ones that were against stopping the use of animals for experimentation were some scientists and doctors themselves. But there were some others that were totally looking forward to the end of this practices, as Lucia Arana wrote, some German doctors faught against the use of animals in laboratories.  The German Asociation:  Ärzte gegen Tierversuche (Doctors against the animal experimentation) said: “ The animal experimentation does not help humans, it is only valuables and useful for the experimenters who satisfy their curiosity and base their scientific degrees on it”

The testing of cosmetics on animals, cause them severe infections, blindness, loss of hair, and a big suffering, but this does not end there, most of this animals after the experimentation are killed.

Apart from testing cosmetics, they are also used for testing any kind of products or just for trying to make some clarifications of aspects of the human body. This demonstrations are made even when the scientists know that most of the times they are totally unuseful, as the human body reacts and works in a different way to how animals bodies work.  Some examples of tests made on animals that Lucia Arana mentions are:

For the stress test, mouses are forced to run in a treadmill until they are exhausted , if they stop they fall to a metal bar that produces a electric discharge. Another example is the experiment made with pigs for dental implants, their tooth are extracted , and the dental implants placed. It is used to know the time of recovery needed after the treatment. They also prove that alcohol is very damaging if consumed when being young testing baby mouses that are injected alcohol in their stomachs during 20 days, when they grow up their brains are analysed. Bone stretching is also is also tested, breaking a beagle’s tibia and separating the bone two times a day, the bone after some days is longer and the dogs are killed.

(Photo: Vanessa Cunningham, PETA 2013)

(Photo: PETA 2013)

This kind of practices have been reduced in the European Union due to the law approved in 2013, but this kind of tests are still legal in many countries. Nowadays many brands and enterprises have become ” responsable with animals” and indicate this fact labelling their products.

To end, I found a very interesting video of an artist that gets tortured like an animal to raise awareness for animal cosmetics testing:


Belen Tobalina (17-11-12) Periódico “La Razón”

Cristina Fernadez (11-03-13)

Lucia Arana (25-04-14) Periodico “El Diario”


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