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Children and guns

“My son ben will be six years old forever. Nearly two years ago, Ben was one of the victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he was killed by a gunman inside his classroom” these is the proof of Ben´s father, David Wheeler to the New York Dialy News.

Handing a Submachine gun to a child is absolutely crazy.

Gathering a complete census of accidental gun deaths of children is difficult, most states do not consider death certificate data a matter of public record. But in many states, the information is publicy available.



Charles Vacca, an instructor in Arizona paid for the mistake of handing a loaded submachine gun to a child with his life and also inflicted on the unnamed girl a life based in horror and regret.

Another example: Lucas Heagren, 3 years. The 45-caliber pistol that killed him last year in Ohio was temporarily not visible under his fathers´couch. But Lucas found it and shot himself.



Recognizing the risks of guns at home and making more safer choices about gun access and storage are two places to start.

Dan Roberts, a gun enthusiastic for 30 years: ” I share my love with my 9 years old daughter, Shyanne. I think that accidental deaths like these are simply that, accidents”

But for David Wheeler, the perspective about this changes enormously. He believe that child gun accidents are a problem so multifaceted, enormous and so pervasive. “Nothing  than a change in our culture and society can begin to address this”




Daily news.

Cbs news.






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