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Freedom of speech at its best.

The past December 25th, Christmas Day, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg could finally release their most expected movie, The Interview. This comedy film could probably best described as a political satire comedy. The arguement says it all; two men are sent to North Korea to kill their “beloved” leader Kim Jong Un, the both of them saying they want to actually interview him.

Why has this film caused such controversies? This is the first movie to suggest the assasination of a country’s leader, and what’s worse is that the leader we are talking about, has his country under a severe dictatorship, having his people unable to know what’s outside their country and definetly unable to have any kind of freedom speech.

When the news of an America film being about his own assasination arrived to Kim Jong Un’s ears he did what he is best at, he threatened the United States and the film’s distributor, Columbia pictures, and told them to stop The Interview from being released.

However, not caring about the leader’s words it was finally released last month through several American theaters and online streamings , making it the most succesful online movie and grossing over $5 million at the U.S’s box office.

Why is this a triumph for freedom speech? Why is this freedom of speech at its best? Because two young directors have achieved making a video ridiculizing the leader of a country that is still unknown to the outside world, a country where it is known that several crimes against humanity are done. Not being afraid of releasing a film like that because outside North Korea we have said freedom speech, that is why The Interview, is freedom of speech at its best.



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