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Islamic State appearance

The Islam fanatics have become an icon of the Terrorism on the recents days in occidental countries. These “representants” of the muslim culture have become stronger with the years, even becoming a little new empire who tries to emulate and to recover what the ancient muslims conquered all over the continent. How did it start? What are they doing? And most importantly. What is Europe doing against it?

1. Where did it start?

It started in a prision called Bucca in Iraq, due to the insurgency that was all along the country because of the US presence in the country after the several wars that happened. This ended with an alliance between islamic extremists and some loyal people to Saddam Hussein. This coalition was what we now call the ISIS, and those prisoners are now the leaders of that state, such as Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

2. Methods

Their main way of imposing their thoughts is by the terror itself. Massive killings in the most horrible ways of the people who oppose them, such as soldiers, or even civilians that do not have the same conception of religion of them. These massive killings are, mostly, recorded and shared via internet, arriving in that way to our countries, in which we are not used to these brutalities. Most of the recordings of the terrorist show us massive decapitations as the main execution way.

They are also capting young people from European countries to go to the Sirian territories to train them in the war, in the weapon use and also to brainwash them even more. Then, tehy are sent back and they await for an opportunity to act in the name of the ones who sent the back here to Europe.

3. Charlie Hebdo attack

On 7th January 2015, the terrorists made their first killing in Europe, enetring the journal Charlie Hebdo and killing 10 journalists and two policemen. After a huge police following, they trapped and kill the terrorists in northern France. This made the European community to be more aware of what was the menace of the islamic terrorism in Europe and new measures were taken.

Also another killing and a kidnap occurred those days when a man killed a policewoman and kidnapped some people in a jewish supermarket. After five hours, policemen killed him, but for people died in the assault of the shop.

4. Europe answers

This is, in theory, an answer for the European and US attacks in the Sirian war, in favour of the governments and against the rebelds. The hate goes even further than because of the religion, but to politics.

Europe has increased his defense methods for the terrorists committing killings, and to prevent them to come back from the training fields in Yemen, but this is very difficult. Recently, with the killing in the Charlie Hebdo journal, the security is getting even bigger, also talking about closing the frontiers inside the European Community and also making the controls harder to evade. This is very difficult to control, but the only thing we can do against it.

Another thing that Europe is trying us to figure out is that muslims aren’t the guilties of these attacks. The ones who act in this way are just terrorists who use the religion as a reason to make others suffer. They are not muslims, and the European governments are trying us to remember this before blaming them.

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