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15M: A powerful social reaction

The 15M movement is also labelled as ‘movimiento de los indignados’, which means something like ‘the movement of the outraged’. The mentioned event is not a new phenomenon. People’s awareness and anger comes from the 2008 economic crisis, as well as from the cuts the society suffered and the public aids the banks received. The situation triggered dissatisfaction and annoyance with the government parties. Citizens had the sensation of not being represented by the current politicians. The following are some of the mottos or sentences used:

  • “Nobody Expects the Spanish Revolution”
  • “No nos representan”
  • “Toma la plaza”
  • “Juventud sin futuro”
  • “Sin casa, sin curro, sin pensión, sin miedo”
  • “PSOE y PP la misma mierda es”
  • “Error 404. Democracy niot found”

The 15th May 2011 happened to be a day in which a powerful social movement emerged. This day, there were many strikes alll over the Spanish territories, but the most influential and the biggest one was located in Plaza de Sol, Madrid. 40 people decided to camp at Puerta de Sol spontaneously and a series of pacific protests occurred. The 20th May, the Assembly decided by consensus the objectives and suggestions to be carried out by the 15M. The main goal of the people taking part in the movement was to promote a participative democracy, a real democracy. To obtain the pursose, they considered two fundamental aspects. First, the two-party predominance of the government should end. Secondly, the dominance of the banks and corporations should be abolished.



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