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In this new post I will explain what we have we done all over the course in the Information Management lecture. This lecture has helped me to know I little bit more about computers and web pages useful in my daily life. We have been working with the wiki littera media page in both of the courses.

When we first started we updated our exercise page from the laste course and afterwards we created some gruop in onder to do some exercises in the future. The first toll we used was Refworks, which helped us to take information and create useful and reliable references in different styles. To do so, first of all we needed to learn where to take information from, so we started taking advantage of Google Scholar and Oceano, which are pages full of reliable articles and scientfic articles. We started playing with those pages in the Open Data Day, when the net was full of infomation and it was possible to do more activities.

After the analysis of Refworks the teacher showed us a related page called Flow, which was also very usefull because is was possible to import you references from refworks and also was possible to take them directly from Google Scholar. To get used to this new pages we did some exercises to work through it, for example, we had to look for articles related with our main topic (social awareness) and reference them.

The next step was to copy those references and paste them in our Wikipedia account. to to that we first created our Wikipedia account, entered in our Sandbox and created different folders, one of them was called ” references”.  Apart from just pasting refernces we had to learn how to make citations and take them to Wikipedia, so we had to check our teachers Sanbox.

In the next set of exercises we had to make a MindMap with the citaions taken from Wikipedia, which were prevoiusly related to our social awareness topic. After doing the MindMaps we did some Fact-sheets, which were usefull to know how to take the most relevant information about an article.

After it we created an account to select articles related to the main topics and learn how to promote. We created some other folders in our wikipedia account called “templates” and ” infoboxes” and we had to start searching for wikipedia articles related to our articles and extracting templates and inforboxes apart from the citations and refences we looked for weeks ago.

In the last set of exercises, we had to think about aour wikipedia contributions and make a presentation about it. To do this presentation we used Storify web page.


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