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For my wikipedia contibution I first took into account our group topic, which is social awareness. What I liked most about wikipedia articles are the Infoboxes, so I paid attention on them. I took the some importat characterst kust Maya Angelou, Mahadma Ghandi, OMS and Adofl HItler, which one way or annother are closesy related to social awareness and I tried to improve their infoboxex in other languages.

I saw that the inflobexes in Eglish and in Spanish were very complete, but, unfortunately, in Basque were not. This why I took the English infoboxex and I strated translating the most important information. To do that, I first had to take the templates of the infoboxes and fill them, adding more information.

At first it was not an easy job. I had some problems changging Maya Angelous Infoboxe and to solve it Xabier Armendariz talked to me explainig why I had those problems. Also, I could not change Hitlers article so I wrote to him asking why and he answered my that as those kind of article have had many bandalisms I need to wait to change it and ask for some permitions. With the rest of the articles I did not have any problem, I just follow a guide that was written in the wikipedia page and that was all.

In general I consider Wikipedia a very usefull tool, although sometimes is not very realible. Sometimes it can a bit tricy but with the help of experts in Wikipedia such as Armendariz everything is easier.


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