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My Wikipedia Contribution

After a long time working on various IM Tools, I considered myself ready to make a decent contribution to the community of Wikipedia and so, I did a bit of research in aiming to pop into some half-finished or incomplete article under the topic of Social Awareness in which I have been working all semester together with my highly appreciated group (post also available in the previous link).

I finally made my mind up and though I would give the Basque culture a little push towards being internationally known and so, decided to complete as well as contribute to the article about Korrika written in English. Although the information was accurate and it was a coherent article I personally considered it to be lacking (as visible in the capture below).


In such manner, I commenced to edit and add little things to the article with the aim of creating awareness in an international level regarding the Basque language. For this matter, I added some relevant information indicating why Korrika is so important for Basque speakers and how the event is organized. The aforementioned tasks took me a while since I was very conscious of the fact that the contribution had to be of a high as well as academic quality.

Not only I corrected and added information but I also created more content sections with the simple objective of making the article more visually attractive and easier to digest for the reader. Additionally, I introduced some internal links to other Wikipedia articles aiming to offer a broader information source to any possible interested lector.

Making a contribution to Wikipedia is far from being a simple task. However, it has been satisfying to watch my little piece of information given to the world in the shape of a Wikipedia article. Hopefully, my article and little step towards the awareness of the situation that the Basque language (as many others) is suffering nowadays, will spread the word to the world!


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