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Wikipedia: contributing to social knowledge

According to Wikipedia, wiki is a web application which allows a collaborative modification, extension, or deletion of its content and structure. Wiki is actually a Hawaiian word meaning fast, quickly. This word was introduced by the computer programmer Ward Cunningham in 1995 when he created what he called WikiWikiWeb the “simplest online database that could possibly work” as he described it. The most popular wiki software application is the Wikipedia with 31,7 million user accounts contributing to it.

WikipeWikipedia-Previewdia is in fact an online encyclopedia built by all of us and in which our Information Management course has also taken part. We have been contributing to it in different topics.

In our case, our group decided to cover the Social Action topic in which this blog is focused. To this end, we started collecting diverse Wikipedia articles connected to this main focus. Our group research was highly profitable since we collected several interesting articles. We divided them in two main groups: environmental issues and social issues. Therefore, we covered topics such as, human rights, gender inequality, child labor…but also climate change, pollution issues, endangered species…

Regarding our contributions to Wikipedia, I selected a couple of articles, one of each topic, one about environmentalism and the other about a social issue.

On the one hand I improved the infobox of the WWF Spanish Wikipedia page since the English one was more complete. I added different information that was not available earlier.

On the other hand I selected an article I had previously mentioned through Twitter, I found the Nancie Atwell page in thetumblr_nlcs0xmhz41r1dut4o1_1280 English Wikipedia and since there was no translation to Spanish, I translated it, created a person infobox and supported it with qualitative and reliable citation. Therefore, in my Wikipedia experience, I contributed in translating, improving, creating and citation. The decision to choose this latter article was that I consider the work carried out by this teacher essential for society. Her students read an average of forty books per year and they were doing that voluntarily. This capability to transmit a passion is in my opinion, unique so I wanted this article to be available in Spanish.

All in all, it is necessary to inform about social issues but it is also essential to inform about social improvements, improvements such as this teacher’s inspirational work.


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