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An introduction to nowadays globalized world: Babel

Babel is a film by Alejandro González Iñárritu based on a Bible story in which God is angry because mankind wanted to build a tower to heaven. The punishment consisted on making them speak different languages ​​so they could not understand,got confused and eventually, not succeed in building it. That sets up a parallelism with the difficulties and contradictions of the globalized world in which we live. All those express together the reason for the big problem of communication between the different cultures that this movie introduces, such as Americans, Mexicans, Arabs and Japaneses.

We see another big communication problem presented in this film, which is the case of a girl who is deaf. She is in trouble due to that disability and wants to be accepted in some way by other people. The story unfolds slowly giving to understand why show scenes from Morocco, Mexico and Japan joining itself with each other, and intersecting stories tell the degradation of a more vulnerable humanity, while moods denied for failure to overcome the greatest tragedy.

Meanwhile, an American lady is wounded by a sniper unintentionally and the person who rides the bus goes in panic because he thinks it is a terrorist attack. Then, Brad Pitt desperately trying to help the lady, gets out from the bus and tries to cry out for a man who goes on a car , and this pretended having understood, does not help you and runs away. This is a clear example of the communication problem that exists there.

The story unfolds and Pitt manages to take the lady somewhere where people, despite poverty, could help her. Unexpectedly, everybody there were supportive and tried to do everything possible so she would not die. For instace, there was no doctor, but there was a veterinarian instead, and he tried to do all he could equally. Besides that, Brad Pitt goes on to call for help but they are not going to receive it very easy, in this scene we see the difficulty, even for who has money and power, as it is not easy getting an ambulance or a helicopter in this situation and in this part of the world.


While they are going through this difficulty, their children had been under the responsability of a nanny in who they trust. But the nana had to attend the marriage of his son in Mexico and asked for a favor to a friend. He has no one to care of the children while she was in Mexico, but the boy refused anyway. Nana see no other solution to take them with her to the marriage in Mexico at the time was about to run out and the party she asked her nephew to take her home. On their way back to America, two custom policemen see two non-mexican kids in the car. Suddenly they scream and start asking questions while do not even let Mexicans explain why were children there.Being concerned of the conflict was beginning to assemble, they must stop fleeing for fear of getting into trouble. In this scene we can see the lack of communication between the policemen and the Mexicans. Prejudices of those cops to the Mexican people creates a problem that could have been resolved talking.

Finally, various problems between cultures are shown. Most of them are related to ignorance of how somebodies customs makes him act and  how sometimes we criticize others without knowing why they do something. A large part of these communication problems is shown in the movie. We see a certain part of characters’ life to explain that we are strata inside them. Everything we have in common is love, affection, family, pain and sex, and everything is done for someone you love when you are between life and death.



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