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Giving money to Eritrea and Sudan to stop refugees is almost satire

It is reported that African government received almost 2 billion euros in order to limit the number of refugees to Europe which is a little bit paradoxical when we know representatives of some African countries like Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia, have been judged in reason of lack of respect for human rights.

A deep war between two influent parts

Then, in Sudan, due to all these conflicts inside the country, we have registered 400.000 refugees who have moved to Darfur according to the High Commission for Refugees.

The photography beyond is presenting migrants who wait to disembark in Sicilian (Italy), after leaving out their hometown due to conflict between government forces and rebels group:


This is for this main reason that the Amnesty International, criticized the European Union which is in contradiction with these own words. According to them, European Union needs to wake up and continue to “fight” against people who are guilty of human rights abuses.

Last year, a controversy arose in relation with the EU which was called: the Khartoum Process. This polemic rubbed off on the image of the EU because it was reported that the Head of state, in order to control and manage the migration in their borders, offered financials and political support, to jump human smuggling from Africa into Europe.

In their « contract », EU proposed to give important payments to Sudan and Eritrea. In the opposite case, that is to say if there is not monitoring mechanisms and transparency, they will cancel everything.

Therefore, the reporters who denounced this plot with EU and African representatives said: “All participants of the Khartoum Process … have policies and political systems that directly render them responsible for creating conditions that produce refugees and migrants in the first place”.

In October 2015, Mike Smith, in charge of controlling the no respect of human beings rights in Eritrea, expressed his surprise concerning the number of Eritreans who succeed to reach Europe. Indeed, it was registered that the Eritreans ranks the third place in terms of person who reach Europe in 2014.

As usual, the main heads in the European Union denied once again their implication with African dictators.


From, retrieved the 13 November 2015

Ahmed H Adam (November 13, 2015) “Giving money to Eritrea and Sudan to stop refugees is almost satire”, from

Antonio Parrinello/Reuters (November 8, 2015), photograph.


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