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A new best seller?

We start 2016 no in the best way possible, it has been made public that the rights of Mein Kampf finish this in 2015 and that the book of Adolf Hitler could now be reissued. It is one of the main bases of Nazi ideology, after 70 years as a  responsibility of Bavaria, the last residence of Hitler. Now, with the resurgence of the far right wing in Europe, due to the massive influx of Syrian immigrants, it is feared that the publication of this book again  could spread this ideology one more time.

It was not a casual decision. The last of Hitler’s personal residence, a luxurious apartment nine rooms, two kitchens and two bathrooms located in a central square in Munich, is the culprit that Bavaria is the holder of the copyright in the work. Since childless Hitler committed suicide in 1945 this German territory won this “gift”. Then the Federal Government and Bavaria reached an agreement that was prohibited the publication of Mein Kampf. But now Copyright, which for seven decades have been in this territory come to an end must be seen to be done with this work.

In fact, since 1979 it is no longer prohibited the possession and dissemination of this work, but until now could not republish. From now on the republication of the work it is available to anyone. Now we have to see what public purpose begins to use the work, teaching or university may be some of the elect, and acceptance and feelings lead again in society.

The editorial interest of this work is indisputable, is very successful in the market today and not only in Germany, but after the 2nd World War the book was already one of the biggest selling in history. Even before Hitler came to power and was a widely read book and then imposed as a must-read book. Although it is not known how many of those were sold in that time they are actually read, since sold more than ten million is not known how many actually became sparsely read. Each school, soldier, newly married couple received their copy by the State, it is estimated that by 1945 there were more than 15 million copies worldwide.

Since the end of the great war existing books have been spreading around the world, more than a million have gone to Britain, it is one of the best sellers in the Middle East, so much so that Israel publishes both in English and Hebrew. Egypt and France have been showing a growing interest in recent times, it has a version in comic format in Japan and Greek Golden Dawn party sells copies in bookstores related to the party. The first edition in Castilian is 1935 and it is estimated that there are over 50 million replicas.

Moreover, since there is internet access to the text it is very easy. German editions were illegal but not the purchase market, network or abroad.

How the new generations react to this book turned upside down European society of not so long ago? It can be a very powerful book if not completely understand or the time when we are confused. We must get to really understand the purpose of the book and the studies drafted on it is one of the key points for the proper understanding of the work.

Consequently there are cases of communities has increased and fascist ideologies are becoming more powerful. Fascist parties are being felt in much of Europe, from France to Germany. Germany in particular is expanding its power throughout Europe so that a large economic and party in this country believe in the ideologies that led the world into the greatest war of history can lead to major international problems.


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