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If you do not have broadcasting rights for a successful film, create yours. That was the decision of Netflix, the largest TV streaming in the world, who recently announced that from now on will be available in 131 new countries. In practice, that means everyone, with the major exception of China because they will have to wait at least until the end of this year, will be able to enjoy, if payed, its successful productions such as Narcos or Downtown Abbey. This was announced by Reed Hastings, executive director of Netflix, a company based in Los Gatos (California), in the CES, which is the biggest fair of consumer technology in the world located in Las Vegas.

Besides China, only North Korea and Syria Crimea are still out of reach of the network of Netflix, that started less than twenty years ago as a home DVD video store and now is the largest producer-distributor of audiovisual content through the Net. Only in 2015 were played 42,500 hours of television content with his worldwide. The company has 70 million customers today.

The director of content acquisition for Netflix, Chitivan Pandya, has spoken about the incorporation to new markets where the practice of censorship does not follow usual conditions according to  the arrival of the service: “Our policy is to comply with local regulations, but we will see case to case. No launch in new countries is coupled with an agreement with local Internet operators to improve service at the moment. It is something that we will see later, if necessary.” said Pandya. In the US, Netflix itself reached a financial settlement with large providers such as AT & T or Comcast, for additional capacity in the broadband fluent allowed to see the contents in 1080 in prime time.

Hastings, in a meeting late in the evening, explained the relevance of output in 131 countries. Before release in Italy, Portugal and Spain, they came to Germany and France. Europe, on this occasion, was behind South America. Colombia was the pilot country after the expansion came the rest of the continent. Netflix apparently feels a special affection for this country. This is also indicated by one of his series of reference: Narcos. The series directed by Brazilian Jose Padilla has life events of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, which can be quite hard to believe for some viewers.

The series was nominated at the recent Golden Globes awards for best drama and best dramatic actor for his starring Wagner Moura. Consists of ten one-hour episodes, the first season is a linear, chronological account of the early Escobar until the consolidation of the Medellin cartel and pulse with the Government of Colombia to avoid extradition to the United States. The second season is already confirmed, but still has no release date.

The Colombian narco had already been featured in Escobar, The Master of Evil, a Colombian production of 113 episodes based on real testimonies and documents that combine journalism with fiction. It is also available on Netflix.


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