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Wert´s Law

José Ignacio Wert: «No tenía sentido que hubiera una Historia de España no compartida, es por eso por lo que se ha diseñado la LOMCE (Ley Orgánica para la Mejora de la Calidad Educativa), y confío en que cumpla su propósito.»


Special Effects in the Cinema

Steven Spielberg, the famous director stated: “The movie starts on a special effect, ends on a bigger special effect and the middle is  another special effect.” With this phrase it can be noticed that the importance of this kind of technique is nowadays essencial not only for the world of the cinema but also for the technology and culture in general. Read more of this post

Education Technology


“There’s a lot of amazing work going on, but teachers need more support to understand what’s out there, what works, and how to use it”  Bill Gates. The 21st century is that of a modern world. It is believed to be the century of scientific and technological revolutions; thus, it is obvious that we live in a state-of-the-art surrounding when practical techniques are non-stop gathering momentum. Therefore, this new technologies are implied in every single part of our lives, including education. Read more of this post