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Irish migration to the US

Interactive map charts changes in Irish migration to and around the US from 1850-present

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Refugee Crisis: Apart from Syrians, who is travelling to Europe?

Other migrant nationalities

According to Patrick Kingsley, the UN Migration correspondent, half of the 380,000 people crossing the Mediterranean sea are from Syria, but refugees from other countries are also risking their lives to flee conflict. Syrians account for 50% of the 380,000 refugees who had arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean by early September, but several other nationalities are also turning up. According to UN figures, 75% of the total refugees come from countries in the middle of armed conflict or humanitarian crises. Later in this post, what Souad Mekhennet and William Booth have to say about migrants disguising themselves as Syrians to enter Europe will be also be explored. So apart from Syria, where are they coming from, and why were they forced to leave?

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Migrant stories from refugees fleeing from ISIS

Five migrant stories from Greece: The pull of Europe

According to Bhasker Solanki and Jim Muir, BBC journalists, nearly 600,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea to Europe this year. Most of them have landed on the Greek islands nearest to Turkey. Read more of this post