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Electric Cars

Pollution is a matter that is in everyones mind, and so, even car makers can’t denied that is becoming a huge problem. Some researchs have been made through years, however we only could get cars with less contamination systems, technical improves or hybrid types; but we couldn’t make them totally work without gas.

Thankfully, they start improving and making cars that could work only with electricity, and so, the first electric cars were made. Nowadays, sadly, we can’t see many types of this car, they didn’t become so popular.

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Rorschach test

The Rorschach Test, is an inkblot test used in Psychology in order to know the personality of a person; showing the pacients some abstract designs, a personality analysis can be made. However, not all specialist use this method.


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Philippiness, the struggle of a country

The 10 november of 2013 was a horrifying date to all filipinos, it was the tragic day that a typhoon named haiyan (here known as Yolanda) destroyed everything they have. The estimated number of deads are 10.000 and over 10 million people were severaly affected, without any food or drink to survive.

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