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Deforestation rising in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed so quickly that the effects are endangering the whole world. Experts such as David Twomey and Damian Carrington offer a clear view of this dramatic situation. They also argue that the Brazilian government is guilty of this increase. As David says: “Activists have blamed the increase in destruction on a controversial reform to Brazil’s forest protection law.” However, we are going to see the situation of the rainforest, not the causes or the effects.

untitledDamian Carrington, writer of “The guardian”, explains:

“Destruction of the Amazon rainforest has increased by almost one-third in the past year, reversing a decade-long trend of better protection for the world’s greatest rainforest.”

But he gives a more accurate view of what is happening:

“The set-back in the Amazon came as the first global, high resolution, satellite analysis of global deforestation revealed that since 2000 an area equal to 50 football pitches has been destroyed every minute. The total loss is 10 times the area of the UK, with only a third being replaced by natural and planted reforestation, and the destruction is accelerating in the tropics.”


In addition,  David Twomey says:

“The rate of deforestation in the Amazon has increased by a dramatic 28 per cent over the past year, after years of decline.”

and: “the area suffering deforestation was 5843 square kilometres, compared to 4,571sq/km in the previous 12 months.”

Finally, Chesney Hearst, from “The Rio Times”, says that:

“The states with the most deforestation by percentage during the time period measured were Mato Grosso with 52 percent and Roraima with 49 percent. In terms of the size of land deforested the state of Para ranked highest with with 2,379 square kilometers and second was Mato Grosso with 1,149 square kilometers.”

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The truth about the melting of ice caps

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Should they pay for our faults?

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