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Bullying , studies and, solutions?

Bullying is defined as violence, both physical and verbal or mental, conducted among students for a continuous period of time, it can come from a single individual or group. It is increasingly common that this bullying comes through social networks. From numerous government entities, such as the ombudsman, there have been a lot of studies showing that, for example, in 2008 nearly a 25% of students aged between 11 and 15 years had suffered bullying. Although that percentage has been reduced to almost half, thanks, among others, the study of Thormod Idsoe or detailed study of Araceli Oñate and Inaki Piñuel. There is a fact that must be emphasized, is that nearly 80% of minors who commit suicide are a result of bullying, a truly alarming fact. Read more of this post


David and Goliath

Today there is talking a lot about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a treaty that is being negotiated now between the United States and the European Union. This treaty is seeking increased trade and investment between the EU and the US creating a large transatlantic market to generate new opportunities internally that greatly benefit all members. But is it really a deal that would benefit all? It is something that many people put into question. Read more of this post

A new best seller?

We start 2016 no in the best way possible, it has been made public that the rights of Mein Kampf finish this in 2015 and that the book of Adolf Hitler could now be reissued. It is one of the main bases of Nazi ideology, after 70 years as a  responsibility of Bavaria, the last residence of Hitler. Now, with the resurgence of the far right wing in Europe, due to the massive influx of Syrian immigrants, it is feared that the publication of this book again  could spread this ideology one more time. Read more of this post

Spanish refugees

Each day there are coming more and more refugees to our shores, now mainly in Syria. All these people were and are putting obstacles hindering their entry into Europe. Especially in Spain we should read what Alted Alicia has to tell to us in his book, “La voz de los vencidos: el exilio republicano de 1939, AGUILAR, 2005”, and compare the actual situation with our esperience during the Spanish Civil War.

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