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Charles Monett became a well-known scientist, when he showed to the world his shocking studies about the increasing number of polar bears that were drowning in the Arctic Ocean due to the global warming. He was also a great promoter of the movement against the climate change. Five years later, the situation has not improved; on the contrary, it has been getting worse. This is the reason why more experts such as Andrew E. Derocher or Brenda Ekwuezel of the Union of Concerned Scientist have joined his cause to make a worldwide protest so as to try to save these animals. Read more of this post



The only way to win a war is to avoid it

This sentence was once stated by George Marshall, secretary of state of the United States during the World War II. Unfortunately, not much of that statement has been taking into consideration throughout history. Indeed, wars have taken place since the beginning of the recorded history, and they certainly had occurred before. Generally, this tends to happen when a group of people tries to force their will on others and the latter decide to fight back, starting this way, a violent conflict. Read more of this post

Happiness in Africa has the shape of an sphere

Bo Bennet once said: “If you have not taken the time to define what happiness means to you, what have you spent your whole life pursuing?”                                                                                                                  A difficult question to reflect on, as happiness is a really abstract concept sorrounded by many connotations. According to Jeremy Berlin, the “right” definition would be that of an emotional state in which our welfare is supposed to be absolute. In any case, every human being aspires to find the right formula in one point of their lives so as to reach that state. Whatever the reason, happiness does not have the same value or meaning for everybody. That is why Jessica Hilltout and Jeremy Berlin among others will explain how a mere shapeless and imperfect ball made of tires can bring an instant of happiness to an entire village. Read more of this post