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Legend and nature: a magical alliance.

If you are thinking about a short holiday after having passed your exams, there exist a little  hidden spot in Gernika, near Amorebieta and Santimamiñe. Actually, today my article is focused on the description of the Oma Forest done by Alfredo Merino, also called “The Painted Forest” by the people who usually visits it. Well, as we can see, almost every tree in the greenwod has some pictures covering its trunk with bright colours, and precisely this has been the origin of some disputes between the people who approves this kind of art and the people who condemns it.

Once you are on your way across the forest you can only see the different flora and fauna which in that pine wood. But, suddenly, you discover a yellow diamond painted in one of the trees and so as not to miss a trick, you keep walking on that direction. Furthermore, a few metres forwards another strange thing surprises you, as you have found two pines with a big mouth in its trunks:

ImageThis singular picture is known as “Invitación al beso” in the Oma Forest.

Nevertheless, this naturalist experience does not ends here, because then, in a kind of clearing near the yellow diamond there are a lot of trees that depending on your physical point of view create a rainbow with all its colours. And if you continue walking a few minutes you will have the oportunity to see the curious image of some pines with eyes all over its bark.

All in all, the only thing left is to think wether we approve or not this kind of art in the middle of a natural space… but I have to say that we should see it before we make a decission. I am already planning an excursion to the Oma Forest!

Image The Oma Forest



Laura Jiménez Almeida, 2º MMLL

Deusto University, Web Communication Systems


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The reaction to SINDE and SOPA Laws: Anonymous.

Continuing with the topic of ”Anonymous” as a new non-political and revolutionary group, I have found and interesting link about this movement: if we follow this link we can see a video, which has been uploaded by the Youtube user Alexcastaneda70, talking about how does the ”Anonymous Movement” see the Sinde and Sopa Laws in Spain. As my groupmates Xabier Palacios and Diego Marcos published in our collective blog “Anti-Downloading Laws” (and as Alex Castaneda says in his post “Mensaje Anonymous Ley SOPA y Ley Sinde (Enero 2012)” in ”Ciudadano Anonymo”), these two laws were approved by the government in 2010-2011 to make people buy the music/films that artists produce instead of watching/listening it in the Internet, making sure that those artists keep getting the 100% of the money they would may make with their original products.

Nevertheless, for Anonymous (and I would say, for everybody who enjoys music and films) the problem to be solved here is the exorbitant price you have to pay for a CD or a DVD. In fact, if the music/film producer companies are able to stablish those incredibly high prices is because of the people who still buy them.  Those companies know that no matter how much they raise the prices, people would keep buying their products, specially if they cannot obtain the CDs they want by any other means. What it is more, this new movement believes that these Anti-downloading Laws are an evident attempt against the freedom of expression that the Internet has offered since it was opened for the mass.

Anonymous seems to be a forgotten demonstrating group right now, but I am sure that, at least, some parts of their messages remain in everybody’s mind. As a personal opinion, I would like to comment that the message that this group of hackers is trying to send goes beyond than a simply recognition about downloading in Internet; as it is said in the video I have shared with you: “(…) The most complicated issue about this situation, is the interest that SOPA law’s promoters have in developing it to be difficult to understand for the common citizen.” And it is  known for everybody that rhetorical tricks such as this are commonly used in politics, so here we have found a possible question for the people who really likes this topic: is Anonymous wrong or should this movement keep on acting against some governmental decissions?

Author: Laura Jiménez Almeida

Deusto University, 2º LLMM


The birht of a new revolutionary movement: “Anonymous, (Expect Us)”.


“Knowledge is free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.”

This is how the members of the revolutionary cyber-movement called “Anonymous” introduce theirselves. “Expect  us”, they say. This group of hackers started acting in 2008, making public their ideas both by publishing posts in the Internet or bringing togheter in the streets, defending the freedom of expression and the independence for the users of the Internet. Moreover, this movement can usually be identified thanks to this logo, in which we can see a suited up man with an interrogant as a head, and which is also standing up with his back towards a picture of the world. Whilst it is true that nowadays there exist a lot of other distinctive pictures for Anonymous, I would want us to focus on this first one: did you know that the man with no head represents the absence of leading figures in this movement, as Alan Moore says in his article? Of course, it also means that the people who are part of this group won`t reveal their identity and will act from a position of anonimity.

File:Anonymous Flag.svg

 Anonymous also wear Guy Fawkes’s masks, creating a paralelism between their movement and the famous film “V for Vendetta” in which a very intelligent man always wear that mask and successfully overthrows a totalitarian regime established in United Kingdom after a nuclear war. “V”, the main character of the film from which Anonymous have taken the idea of the mask and the anonimity, is famous all over the world for being idealistic and also for demanding and fighting for the recovery of some basic human rights that thanks to Adam Sandler’s dictatorship had been eliminated. Therefore, we can only presume that this cyber-movement wants to emulate “V” by acting as he would act if he had existed.

Coming back to talk about the history of Anonymous, it seemed to be Colombia the first place this group of people acted for the first time in, hacking some governmental Twitter or other social net accounts by the DDo process, desactivating these accounts or not allowing their owners to use it. I have found this interesting video in which a famous Colombian channel talks about this incident:

As we all can see, the Colombian television does not seem to be in favour of this movement, or, at least, with their way of acting. Despite this fact, some people claim that this kind of sensationalist “attack” to the system is precisely what us, citizens, need to start acting against what it is not fair, as we are in the middle of the biggest economic crisis in History. It is true that since that first reaction, a huge number of Anonymous cells have started acting and spreading their own ideas as a part of this cyber-revolution in almost every country in the world.

As Spain is not an exception, the next post I will publish about this topic will include some information about the Anonymous Movement in Spain and what do they say about the SINDE and SOPA laws.


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