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Current streaming greatest TV

If you do not have broadcasting rights for a successful film, create yours. That was the decision of Netflix, the largest TV streaming in the world, who recently announced that from now on will be available in 131 new countries. In practice, that means everyone, with the major exception of China because they will have to wait at least until the end of this year, will be able to enjoy, if payed, its successful productions such as Narcos or Downtown Abbey. This was announced by Reed Hastings, executive director of Netflix, a company based in Los Gatos (California), in the CES, which is the biggest fair of consumer technology in the world located in Las Vegas. Read more of this post


The beginning of a generation with less expectations

In this current economic uncertainty horizon, expectations for citizens seem increasingly small and the forecast for future generations points to be dark. Years of economic crisis and globalization have left winners and losers. Among the beneficiaries are old acquaintances: the economic elite. For example, Branko Milanovic and Thomas Piketty, both economists, have been responsible for alerting about the injustice effects caused. Even though few have informed with the frankness of billionaire Warren Buffett, who in 2011 wrote in The New York Times: “While the middle and lower classes fight for us in Afghanistan, while Americans fight for a living, we, over wealthy people, continue to have extraordinary tax breaks.” Read more of this post

An introduction to nowadays globalized world: Babel

Babel is a film by Alejandro González Iñárritu based on a Bible story in which God is angry because mankind wanted to build a tower to heaven. The punishment consisted on making them speak different languages ​​so they could not understand,got confused and eventually, not succeed in building it. That sets up a parallelism with the difficulties and contradictions of the globalized world in which we live. All those express together the reason for the big problem of communication between the different cultures that this movie introduces, such as Americans, Mexicans, Arabs and Japaneses. Read more of this post