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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Doctor Leon Eisenberg, the man who discovered for the first time the disorder of deficit of attention with hyperactivity, has confessed months before dying that this disorder was “an excellent example of a disorder invented”. So this invented disorder was created to sell pills. Leon Eisenberg said also  that “the genetic predisposition for the TDAH is completely overvalued”. This confessions were Eisenberg‘s last words in an interview before his death. This interview was published in the German semanal, Der Spiegel, in 2012.

All this statements, have caused an impact in doctors, parents and people in general, because many children are medicated to treat this disorder, in spite of the effects that these medicines have in the short and long term. Nevertheless, alone Eisenberg spoke that in many cases was diagnosing TDAH when it was not.

To diagnose the TDAH, the doctors do not base on a disorder of learning. Problems of attention are in concretely. As for symptoms of hyperactivity, the doctors do not give so much importance to this since they can or not to be present and if anybody suffers it, it is supposed that it is something easy of detecting. This disorder they have not said that only affect children, but also to teenager and adults who have other disorders.

The habitual treatments are based on stimulants, of which very soon was observed that they modify the symptoms. The action of the stimulants, it has been investigated and it has been observed by risks and important complications. Also it is important to observe that an agreement neither exists in the scientific community on the benefits of the therapy with stimulants, there is not even safety brings over of his efficiency. (Diagnostics and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement November 16-18, 1998)

The rejection with regard to this disorder bases the people on several points.

· That has diagnosed to people without this disorder

· That was basing on observations of the behavior

· That this diagnosis can be in use for the control in disobedient children in order that they fulfill the established

· That the treatment is based on drugs with amphetamines that provoke the same side effects that the cocaine and they end up by causing a serious deterioration of the health

For all that, we find with facility arguments in favor of a fictitious disorder, which shows that what is tried is to sell tablets at any expense to obtain benefits, without bearing in mind the hurt that the treatment of an invented disorder it can generate in the health and the longevity of the life of a person.

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Nowadays, because the birth rate has decreased, there are fewer young people. We were born in an era with a great technological revolution: internet, mobile … events that change the way of thinking and acting of people. Perhaps because of this, the way we see life and enjoy it is totally different from what our parents might have at our age.

Probably if we ask young people about the activities they like to do, their answer would be: partying, meeting up with friends, play sports, watch TV…

As we can see, there is a great contrast between the type of family who have had our parents and the relationship we have now with the family.Now, go out less because we substitute the direct relationships with communication through the mobile Internet…

In sports and meeting friends, there are no significant changes. Although people don’t practice much exercise just to be healthy, it is also to boasts and being more attractive. All this changes has happened in a very fast way.

All weekend we can see how children of thirteen or fourteen, go partying, smoke or drink … This situation is worrying because want to live as an adult when you are only a teenager, has consequences. I wonder what you think about this issue and also if the change between our parents and our generation is so strong and fast as what is happening now.

Patricia Mintegui

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It is horrible that homelessness is still such a big problem today.Each person who faces the dangerous world of living in the streets has found themselves there for one reason, some through making bad choices in life, and others through circumstance.


We don’t think people in general notice the implications of being homeless, the dangerous positions homeless people find themselves in each day.


A homeless person has nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, and facing the elements without shelter whatever the weather is, no being homeless is not a life but an existence, an existence in hell on earth.


Drink and drug abuse is rampant on the streets, but we cannot blame these poor souls for this fact, if drugs or drink take away the cold, and control the depression of your situation from exploding, then who can really blame them.

Our society and our image

The beauty and youth today are important values. Appearance is more valued than the person. We have lost the respect and value about the experience that old people have.
We can see this reflected in the number of surgeries that people do to look younger and feel so good about themselves. Besides this there are thousands of rejuvenating treatments and consumption is increasing.
Nowadays , the body care, the number of personal trainers is raising, to have an image of success is one of the main things that worried us.
In our society most values the first impression that it really is the person itself . Old age is frowned upon and, despite having good look sometimes, you can not find a job and less if you are female, because you have not the appearance that they are looking for.


It was always teached us to do well to others. It is considered that as you give, you also receive. So if you make things in a good way to help and to be nice, good things will happen to you because of karma .

Moreover, from the religious point of view, doing good deeds is something that you should do and, God rewards it once you have died .

On the other hand, sometimes we behave and do favors for others as well as being ungrateful, when you need to return the favor, they do not help you. Therefore, this second view does not consider that good deeds you do may be rewarded somehow.

But like anything that includes beliefs, this issue leads to a great debate.