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No religions, no wars. How valid is this argument?

It is normally considered to be an atheistic statement  to say that with less religions there would be less wars but it is also very superficial to affirm this because we would have to analyse all the wars that broke out throughout the history and tell whether they had been caused by economic/political reasons or religious conflicts. I was driven to talk about this topic after the terrorist attack in Paris where 3 armed men, muslims, who had been fighting in Syria with the Islamic State, assaulted the house of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo: it would not be probably wrong to say that this atrocious act could have been avoided if Islam did not exist but it would also be a very reductionist approach to reality. The aim of this post is to discuss whether or not religions have endangered the world, especially in these last decades where extreme religious groups have been doing terrible terrorist attacks.  Read more of this post


Corruption and Democracy, a never-ending relationship.

After the recents events that occurred in Rome where the police discovered links between the local government, including the ex-mayor Gianni Alemanno, and the mafia, I decided that it would be interesting to take a deeper look at corruption in modern societies, a terrible phenomenon that is ruining democracies all over the world. This post will be briefly analyzing what are the causes of corruption.  Read more of this post

ISIS- The New Al-Quaeda. Europe and US must be aware of a new 9/11

The Islamic State is now threatening to expand his influence and control outside its territories in Syria and Iraq. Shall we be afraid of imminent terrorist attacks in major cities in Europe and USA?

After watching the film Zero Dark Thirty, which describes the real story of the mission that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I was really pushed to write this blog post. Probably the most dramatic part of the film is the introduction when the viewer is left with a black screen and he can only hear the voices of the people who were calling their parents, the police or the fire department from the World Trade Center while the two towers were about to collapse. It is a really touching scene that made myself wonder: “What if this happens again? What if the world witnesses another tragedy like 9/11?”. These are questions that each one of use should be asking to ourselves and this is why I am so interested in ISIS, the terrorist groups that collected the inheritance of Al-Qaeda. Read more of this post