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Sovaldi: pay or die

Hepatitis C is an illness that kills a thousand people around the world everyday. 900.000 spanish are infected and every year 10.000 die. Lately they have been multiple demonstrations in many countries due to a new medicine for this illness called “Sovaldi”. As Ignacio Escolar and Maria Jesús Ruiz say, this new drug is being very controversial due to it’s cost, the late demonstrations have been caused by the price of the drug and the stance the governments have taken. In Spain, the government has denied to give the ones infected by the Hepatitis C the medical prescription, as most think of them think, because of its cost that is 25.000 euros per treatment. Another controversial fact is the variation of the price between countries. Maria Jesús Ruiz says: ” In the United States the treatment of twelve weeks costs 67.000, in Germany 55.000, in the UK and Canada 45.000, Spain is on the average of 25.000 but Egypt and India are around 900 and 600, respectively”. Read more of this post