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End of Ebola in Africa?

At 14 January of 2016 the WHO (World Health Organization) declared the end of the Ebola virus disease that punched Africa, taking with it millions of African lives. But, is this the end of the Ebola virus in Africa? The WHO insists in the fact that there is no chain of transmission now, at least in West-Africa, but they also warn about the possibility of the appearance of new flare-ups. Many countries were declared free of having the virus, for example Liberia, but this country has had two more outbreaks. Anyway, today there is no infected patient in the most likely countries to have the virus but Dr Alex Gasasira (2016); a WHO representative in Liberia says that “The rapid cessation of the flare-up is a concrete demonstration of the government’s strengthened capacity to manage disease outbreaks. WHO will continue to support Liberia in its effort to prevent, detect and respond to suspected cases.” Read more of this post


David and Goliath

Today there is talking a lot about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a treaty that is being negotiated now between the United States and the European Union. This treaty is seeking increased trade and investment between the EU and the US creating a large transatlantic market to generate new opportunities internally that greatly benefit all members. But is it really a deal that would benefit all? It is something that many people put into question. Read more of this post

En el límite del conflicto colombiano: Un asunto regional”

La Frontera colombo ecuatoriana es una de las fronteras más afectadas por el conflicto armado colombiano, que  ha traducido en el aumento del flujo de solicitantes de protección en Ecuador. Pues se estima que hasta septiembre de 2013, alrededor de 170.965 personas solicitaron asilo en el país vecino, según cifras entregadas por el Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados (ACNUR,2013). Son los departamentos del Putumayo y Nariño los que conforman la línea divisoria de cerca de 640 km, según lo estipulado en el Tratado Muñoz Vernaza-Suárez del 15 de julio de 1916, que separa al estado colombiano de su homólogo ecuatoriano, que tiene como provincias fronterizas a Carchi, Esmeraldas y Sucumbíos. Read more of this post