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Freedom of religion in America

The first Amendment to the United States states Freedom of religion what means freedom to hold an opinion or belief, but not to take action in violation of social duties or subversive to good order. The statute’s opening lines reflect the American founder’s mastery of language and clarity of thought. The new is that this weekend some Americans have been remembering what really religious liberty means. January 16th is the Religious Freedom Day because it is the anniversary of the day when Thomas Jefferson reached one of his most important and greatest achievements, ranking with the Declaration of Independence: “the approval of a state” in his State, Virginia. religious-symbols Read more of this post


Iraq´s duty for the protection of its minorities

The situation that nowadays Iraq is living is generating a movement of the minorities that inhabit the country. The minorites are denied protection from the Iraqi governmet which is making the International community fail in taking measures to protect them, they have been neglected from their own country, to their own faith, from a country which is kicking out its population. There are a lot of minorities in Iraq which are being expelled from their country because of the unsteady situation that the Middle East is living. Jews an Christians were two of the most settle down minorities in Iraq but today there are a few left in the country and the situation is disastrous. So, as Ali Mamouri states in his article “national reconciliation in Iraq is important, as it would prompt the alliance of minorities to expand its activities; in turn, the alliance could work to further support national reconciliation.” Read more of this post

Self immolation increases in Middle East

Middle East has been on the eye of the hurricane in recent years. The different problems related with this part of the world are one of the main phenomenoms that are worrying different countries. Mohammed Heriz, a twenty-five year old libyan, set himself afire throughout a protest in front of the Military court. This happened on October 16 of 2015. Mohhammed is not the only one who had tried to immolate himself, this paractice is also used by radicals belonging to extreme islamic groups. Read more of this post