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Freedom of religion in America

The first Amendment to the United States states Freedom of religion what means freedom to hold an opinion or belief, but not to take action in violation of social duties or subversive to good order. The statute’s opening lines reflect the American founder’s mastery of language and clarity of thought. The new is that this weekend some Americans have been remembering what really religious liberty means. January 16th is the Religious Freedom Day because it is the anniversary of the day when Thomas Jefferson reached one of his most important and greatest achievements, ranking with the Declaration of Independence: “the approval of a state” in his State, Virginia. religious-symbols Read more of this post


A view of the Israeli problem from politics to social media

The identity is a very muddling term and has a lot of explanations and definitions from different perspectives, from sociology to history and philosophy. For instance, Jean-Pierre Warnier claims that the identity is “a combination of action, language and culture repertories that allows a person to identify his/her belongings with a social group”. As a conclusion, we could say that there are lots of identities worldwide, with their own features and ideologies. At this point, it is confirmed and assumed that there is not a real problem with this concept, but the problema could be seen when two identities do not understand each other and the confrontation starts. In fact, this is what currently is happening in Israel between Palestinians and Israelis. To show the real reach of the issue I am going to take three articles from national newspaper( La escalada de violencia desata tensiones xenófobas en Israel published by El Pais in october 22, Kerry confía en que la tensión se rebaje tras reunirse con Netanyahu by El Pais in october 22, and Israel advierte de que habrá “tolerancia cero” a los ataques transfronterizos y el tráfico de armas en Siria by Europa Press in november 3 of 2015) one from an noth-american source (The Facebook Intifada published in the New York Times in november 3 of 2015) and, finally, one from Al-Monitor, a middle east focused website, called Will social media spark a third intifada? and published in october 12 of 2015 Read more of this post

No religions, no wars. How valid is this argument?

It is normally considered to be an atheistic statement  to say that with less religions there would be less wars but it is also very superficial to affirm this because we would have to analyse all the wars that broke out throughout the history and tell whether they had been caused by economic/political reasons or religious conflicts. I was driven to talk about this topic after the terrorist attack in Paris where 3 armed men, muslims, who had been fighting in Syria with the Islamic State, assaulted the house of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo: it would not be probably wrong to say that this atrocious act could have been avoided if Islam did not exist but it would also be a very reductionist approach to reality. The aim of this post is to discuss whether or not religions have endangered the world, especially in these last decades where extreme religious groups have been doing terrible terrorist attacks.  Read more of this post

Je ne suis pas Charlie.

Je suis Charlie, I am Charlie in French, three words that have been repited all over the world for the past week and a slogan endorsementing freedom of speech and press. After the terrorist attack in the headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the whole world, incluiding presidents from different countries, have been supporting the magazine and its editors defending that the magazine is the definition of freedom of speech. The question is, is it really?

One of the most important values that we are taugth when we are young is that respect should be a number 1 thing in our lives. Respecting a religion, a point of view, a culture, a person as a whole, should be something. What is the most surprising is how most people, by supporting the magazine, also support Charlie Hebdo’s offensive cartoons, of in this case, Muhammad, an Islamic prophet who to muslims, is supposed to be the last prophet sent by God to the world. Shouldn’t religion be respected?

I am by no means defending any terrorist organization. Defending your beliefs should never bring you to kill anybody. But being a religion such an important topic, being something millions of people grab a hold of just to keep living, shouldn’t be something to ridiculize.

Islam has many dos and don’ts and one of said dont’s is to never draw Muhammad. It is truly disrespectful for them, and satirical magazines like Charlie Hebso itself don’t seem to understand.

Freedom speech is the right to communicate your opinions to other people. Giving your opinion should never offend a person as hard as offending their religion beliefs. That is the reason why I am not Charlie Hebdo.

Say no to terrorism attacks, but also say no to disrespect.


Death penalty: remedy or hypocrisy?

As wrote Luis Javier González the 15th of May of 2014 in the newspaper “El País”, a pregnant woman who had a one year old child was punished with death in Sudan for converting to Christianity.

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