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Ebola and other African diseases theories

As we have been informed in the news, the media, the internet, and other sources of mass information, the ebola has appeared again, and is killing lots of people in Africa. But was this the first pandemy in the African continent? Which are the origins of this disease? Was there such polemic when de AIDS appeared? There have been lots of theories about these disgraces, some of them even related to aliens! Here I will explain the theories that are being discussed abou the origins and solutions to this crisis

1. Main diseases and characteristic Let’s start making a little ranking and talking a bit about the most dangerous and infectious diseasesin Africa.

a) Syphilis

This disease, which kills more than 12 million people every year, is know for the rash that appears in the skin, with an extremely high contagion rate because of the poor sexual education on those countries. It spreads through the body fluids, such as blood.

b) Tuberculosis

This disease, which kills after a long period of debilitating the owner, is the most common one in Africa. 3 of 4 people that you cross in the street may have passed it once. It spreads through the air.

c) Malaria

The contagion of this disease is due to the mosquitoes in Central Africa. This disease kills quickly the victims, specially in Congo.


Its contact is the same way as the syphilis, but it is even more common in our world, specially between the people who have homosexual relationships, which, due to poor sexual education, spread the disease, debilitating the inmunological system. This disease does not kill itself, but it can help other diseases to do it so.

e) Ebola

It’s start was near Sierra Leona, first discovered in 1976. It attacks the breathing system, and also makes internal hameorragia. Three times, a huge pandemy has appeared in Africa, but this new one seems greater that the previous two ones. It has killed nearly 5000 people currently. Its spreads through direct contact with body fluids.

2. Origin of the ebola pandemic (main hypotheses)

Many hypotheses are discussed about the ebola, some of them even talk about the US Government to have something to do with these viruses (I will explain this later on). Other ones talk about simpler things, such as a monkey disease, or that it comes from a river. These are the ones that had more support from the experts – Eating Some Bad Bat As it was said in the media, the first animal that started the contagion was some kind of fruit-eating bat. In lots of villages, bats are haunted, cooked and eaten without any kind of proper higienic condition. This might be a more sustainable theory that the first one that was told in the media, about the bat attacking villagers (this bat species are frightened of humans, and the do not attack them execpt in some cases. This could not create a huge population of ill people, but a few of them).

Paniki (Fruit Bat) meat cooked in spicy Rica green chilli pepper. An exotic Indonesian dish.

– Corpses are the key “You can’t test every single animal, so we used information from historical outbreaks to figure out how to help the field response team focus their effort,” Sarah Olson, a Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). This Society made a study in corpses of savage animals (specially in bats), but also in some monkey species. “This study digests over 30 years of accumulated knowledge so field teams can arrive informed and prepared,” Author Damien Joly states. After this studio, it became more reasonable to think that the corpses of gorillas and chimpanzees could be the main transmissors of the illness.

– As we have said before, the main type of ebola started in Sudan and Congo, in a river of the same name Ebola. This might be a mixture of bad conditions and habits related to the waters in this river, which are contaminated (maybe) with animal excrement and corpses, with diseases we still don’t know

3. Humanitary Help

Lots of countries have sent some humanitary help, headed by the most know organisations, such as Médicos sin fronteras, but it is very little. Spain has not even donated a million euros, because of the “crisis” that affects all the developed countries. Red cross is the organization with the most effectives in the country. Lots of christian orders have moved there too, to help in whatever they can, but with the money that is sent, little can be done, and most of the equipment is no enough.

4. Why is this so alarming

The appearance of ebola might be one of the problems that leave us on evidence about what matters us, what not. Ebola started in Africa, where the attemps to stop it were very little. But when it reached Spain, things changed. World media was following Teresa Romero’s state (the infected nurse), talking about the biggest crisis in this century. But when she passed through it, this problem just dissappeared. What does this show us?

Africa is not a problem. No one matters really about what happens in the most poor continent of the planet. When it arrived here, paranoia appeared everywhere, talking about the security in our country, and demanding an investigation. When the illness ended, ebola topic just dissappeared. Even in the news, there is no word about it. Developped countries just take care of themselves while Africa is dying quickly, and just a few of the are doing something to stop it.

5. Conspiracy Theories

This disease is affecting specially in Mali, Sierra Leona and Guinea, and all this territory has received the name of “the Death Triangle”. This fast expansion of the disease has carried to the people all over the World some theories that involve gorvernments of rich countries in several ways.

One of the most popular theories is about the MH-17 flight which was destroyed in Ucrania, in July 2014. Glenn Thomas died in this accident, the main expert in AIDS and specially in ebola. He worked in the researching trials that were held in a biological weapon lab in Sierra Leona, were the pandemy started, and who worked with the US government. One of the theories say that he was executed to silence him, to maintain the silence about the creation of the virus in those labs.

Another one talks about the invisible war that confronts the US and China for African resources, because in 2013 China became the country with most foreign inversions globally, over the US. That’s why the US, thanks to the new pandemy, has reinforcered his military bases in Africa, so it is believed that his interests aren’t just helping the country.

Other theories, that surprisingly are very extended, talk about the Illuminati, about a plan to establish a New Order, and that it has been planned, or maybe to control global demography, to avoid the overpopulation that will be happen in the future.

6. References

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