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The number of sick people going to Switzerland to commit suicide has been doubled in four years.

611 foreigners went to Zurich between 2008 and 2012 to end their lives.

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Spain’s “Lost Generation”

Reporters as Fatima Bañez and Leslie J. López and so many others have used the example of Benjamín Serra Bosh to illustrate Spain’s lost generation due to the lack of job opportunities and the discouraging economic situation. In 2013, the case of Benjamín Serra Bosch has become known all over the world, he is a Spanish guy with two bachelor degrees and one master who works cleaning lavatories in a very wellknown coffee shop in London ( the one with the green logo). He gained thousands of followers through the social networks when he claimed about the lack of job opportunities for young people in Spain, using his own case as an example.

I received distinctions for both my degrees and now I clean S********* in a foreign country” posted Serra on his Twitter account . His message became nearly viral, reaching every corner in the planet and receiving thousands of solidarity messages.

Spain is suffering the deepest economic crisis in its recent history, it is a country where the unemployment rate among young people has reached the terrifying number of 57%,(the total unemployment rate is up to 26%) and where many emancipated youngsters, most of them with at least a degree or higher education, have been obliged to come back to their parent’s house because they couldn’t afford their own place. The number of Spaniards going abroad looking for a job has doubled in the last five years since the economic crisis began, according to official statistics, more than 60,000 people moved abroad during 2012.


Those Spanish people who decide to emigrate searching for better labor conditions and job opportunities have usually two principal destinations, Central and Northern Europe and South America. In one hand, United Kingdom and Germany ( as well as some other northern European countries) attract Spaniards because of the easy conections with the country and the free circulation of people among the european countries. On the other hand, South America has a common language and some of the main emerging economies globally speaking such as Peru, Chile, Panama and Brazil.

They tell we are a lost generation but it is more like we’re a paralyzed generation” said Mario, one of the thousands of people attending the demonstration that took place in Madrid. He explains how the current situation has been caused by politicians who knew that Spanish economy was going to crash because of the real estate bubble, and they did nothing because they were becoming more and more rich every day. Spanish economy was relying so much on construction and that is why we are one of the countries suffering the crisis in a harder way. He claims that Spain is paralyzed and does not know how to react.


This Spanish lost generation is forced to move away from their hometown, overcome language barriers (as we all know, language skills are not one of the most powerful assets that the Spanish average person has) and starting up from the ground in a new place. We are becaming more courageous than ever and taking risks that we had never imagined we would be taking. Our country is losing a huge amount of people, those known as “the lost generation”. This situation is not sustainable in the long term because if there is no young people working in the country, and mantaining the tax income for the government, there will be no money  to afford tomorrow’s retirements.


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