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Religion and War: a never-ending relationship?

It is normally considered to be an atheistic statement to say that with less religions there would be less wars but it is also very superficial to affirm this because we would have to analyze all the wars that broke out throughout the history and tell wether they had been caused by economic-political reasons or religious conflicts. I was driven to talk about this topic after the terrorist attack in Paris where 5 armed men, muslims, who had been fighting in Syria with the Islamic State, assaulted the French theatre, Bataclan: it would not be probably wrong to say that this atrocious act could have been avoided if Islam did not exist but it would also be a very reductionist approach to reality. The aim of this post is to discuss whether or not religions have endangered the world, especially in these last decades where extreme religious groups have been doing terrible terrorist attacks.

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The only way to win a war is to avoid it

This sentence was once stated by George Marshall, secretary of state of the United States during the World War II. Unfortunately, not much of that statement has been taking into consideration throughout history. Indeed, wars have taken place since the beginning of the recorded history, and they certainly had occurred before. Generally, this tends to happen when a group of people tries to force their will on others and the latter decide to fight back, starting this way, a violent conflict. Read more of this post